Water Heater Manufacturers Safety Standards Of Collective Dispute Broke Out


Has been reported to the State Standard Committee of the

Water Heater

Clear that the new national standard, electric water heater manufacturers to take ‘anti-environmental leakage’ technology. Will not have the technology to the water heater products will be prohibited from listing


. “Recently, the China Consumer Association of Water Heater


Security “consumer alert” the conference, the Chinese appliance Committee for Standardization Secretary-General MA De-jun’s remarks, it is so foreign to the electric water heater electric water heater manufacturers disagreement safety standards.

Electric water heater out of line with international standards and conditions

Recent years, Beijing, Tianjin, Changsha and other places have occurred because of ground water heater electric leakage caused by accident injuries. China Consumer Association survey shows that urban households in China Qi Cheng electrical environment above safety hazards exist. In a variety of factors, no reliable earth ground charged or family use electric water heaters have become major hazards and major incidents. Recently, the China Consumer Association Institute of Chinese home appliance, home appliance China Association and China National Standardization Committee issued a consumer warning: electricity consumers in the home environment of uncertainty, the proposed priority in purchasing a security with good technology and “anti-environment leakage “device to the water heater.

“Regular electric water heater manufacturers now produce almost all the products pass the quality of the product itself, caused by accidents have been decreasing, the majority of accidents are also due to environmental hazards electricity.” Graduate School of Chinese home appliances long as pyrene, said Han, qualified products can not guarantee security, because countries in the world is now widely used by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, which is based on the user home ground on the basis of reliable grounding. However, 70% of the world’s population in developing countries, no grounding wire or grounding protection ineffective, the aging, socket failure and other issues exist in varying degrees, so even if qualified in accordance with the existing standard test water heater, can not guarantee the safety shower. He said that China is developing new national standards for the water heater water heater will focus on safety, installation and performance indicators to develop a detailed three

Industry standards


Chinese appliance Committee for Standardization Secretary-General MA De-jun told reporters that the “new national standard electric water heater” in the draft, clearly states: electric water heater producers to take “anti-environmental leakage” technology to deal with “no grounding line” or “bad ground” and so on. “The draft has been submitted to the national standards committee, recently introduced soon, will not have the technology to the water heater products will be banned from sale.”

“Anti-power wall” into the electric water heater manufacturers to focus

It is understood that more than 200 domestic appliance water heaters on the market


In research and development and use of “anti-environmental leakage” technology manufacturers have


, Shuaikang, Hong Quan and other domestic enterprises. Most foreign brands in the Chinese market still continue to use overseas, did not develop an “anti-environmental leakage” technology.

Some from Europe and the United States to the water heater brands such as Ariston, AO Smith,


So that, as long as the national standard, a qualified water heater products, is certainly safe. AO smith DING Wei, general manager of China told reporters that the international community have the electric water heater as the highest security level I type electrical appliances, basic requirements for such appliances is that measures must be taken to ground, and must be grounded in good, this is electronic the most stringent level of product safety class. The “anti-power wall” technology is anti-environment assumption products leakage real bad ground state of the additional measures taken, he actually is I think this kind of disguise reduce electrical safety, are repeated to set standards, and interfere with each other. Ariston electric water heater of a responsible person that, in the CASE would have made the brand for the “show”, “help out” the suspect.

While Haier, Kytril national brands are represented by that incident more than 80% of the electric water heater products proved to be qualified after inspection shows that even the national standard for qualified water heaters, as long as their use of electricity in which environment, security risks exist and can not guarantee the safety of consumers bath. Haier Electric Products Division, Minister Sun Jing Yan said, “Haier’s products do not agree to pass even if qualified, only the product quality and consumption environment for all qualified can one truly qualified.”

Korea Research Institute of Chinese home appliances for pyrene in an interview that live in addressing environmental water heater caused injuries, the anti-power wall technology has been proved to be effective solutions, and get in the IEC General Assembly various countries


The approval, is expected to become the international standard. Therefore, the current electricity for our residents in the environment, recommends consumers with anti-electric wall heater technology is to protect the safety of consumer behavior.

Industry believes that the “consumer alerts” and the national standards under the double pressure, electric water heater market will usher in a new round of forced reshuffle.

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